1.42ct CGL Certified Bluish Green Madagascar Sapphire

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Delve into the world of certified excellence with our CGL Certified Madagascar Sapphire – a gemstone of distinction with a bluish-green hue that exudes sophistication and unmatched allure.

Certification of Quality: This exceptional sapphire comes with a CGL certification, assuring you of its authenticity, quality, and adherence to the highest industry standards. The certification validates the gem's remarkable characteristics, making it a true investment in beauty.

Gemstone Details:

  • Variety: Sapphire
  • Weight: 1.42 carats
  • Color: 129 - Light Very Strongly Greenish Blue; Very Slightly Greyish (Unheated)
  • Clarity: SI1, Slightly Included 1
  • Cut Quality: Excellent
  • Shape: Oval
  • Measurements (mm): 7.61 x 6.20 x 3.02
  • Treatment: No Heat
  • Origin: Madagascar

Why Choose this Madagascar Sapphire:

  • Bluish-Green Elegance: The bluish-green hue of this Madagascar sapphire, with its light very strongly greenish-blue undertones, creates a harmonious and enchanting color profile that stands out with grace.
  • CGL Certified Assurance: The CGL certification guarantees the gem's authenticity and adherence to the highest standards, providing you with confidence in the quality of your precious investment.
  • Oval Splendor: The oval shape, measuring 7.61 x 6.20 x 3.02 mm, adds a touch of splendor, making it a versatile choice for crafting exquisite jewelry designs.

Unheated Brilliance: This Madagascar Sapphire boasts a natural and unheated state, allowing you to experience its pure brilliance and untouched beauty. The gem's authenticity shines through, untouched by artificial treatments.

Madagascan Heritage: Sourced from the gem-rich lands of Madagascar, this sapphire carries the legacy of a region known for producing gemstones that captivate with their unique colors and exceptional quality.

Craft Your Story: As you embark on your journey with this certified Madagascar Sapphire, envision the stories it will tell as it becomes the centerpiece of your most cherished jewelry creations.

Elevate Your Collection: Secure your piece of certified elegance today. Order now and let the bluish-green allure and certified excellence of this Madagascar Sapphire become a cherished part of your jewelry ensemble.