2.23ct Ethiopian Opal, Pear Cabochon

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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of opulence with our 2.23ct Pear Cab Natural Floral Flash Play-Of-Color Crystal Black Opal from Ethiopia – a gemstone that captivates with its evident color, moderate radiance, and enchanting play-of-color.

Gemstone Details:

  • Variety: Opal (Ethiopia)
  • Weight: 2.23 carats
  • Color: X3 - Evident. Moderate radiance and reduced color play. Splashes fill over 50% of the body. Origin: Ethiopia.
  • Clarity: CR, Crystal Body (N7 - N9 Tones)
  • Cut Quality: Excellent
  • Shape: Regular Cabochon
  • Measurements (mm): 12.5 x 7.8
  • Origin: Ethiopia

Why Choose this Ethiopian Opal:

  • Evident Splendor: The X3 color classification reveals an evident color with moderate radiance and reduced color play. Splashes fill over 50% of the body, creating a stunning display of opalescent beauty that catches the eye.
  • Crystal Clarity: With a CR clarity rating and a crystal body in N7 - N9 tones, this opal showcases transparency that allows the play-of-color to dance freely within, creating an ethereal and captivating visual spectacle.
  • Pear Cabochon Brilliance: The pear cabochon shape, measuring 12.5 x 7.8 mm, adds an element of elegance and brilliance, making it a distinctive choice for those who appreciate opulence.

Ethiopian Opal Magic: Sourced from the opal-rich lands of Ethiopia, this gemstone carries the magic of a region known for producing opals with unique and vibrant play-of-color. The opal's origin from Ethiopia adds an extra layer of authenticity and rarity to its charm.

Craft Your Opulent Piece: Whether you're a jewelry artisan or a collector seeking a gem of rare beauty, this Pear Cab Natural Floral Flash Opal invites you to craft a piece that transcends traditional boundaries and showcases the brilliance of nature's wonders.

Order Your Ethiopian Opal: Seize the opportunity to own this Ethiopian treasure. Order now and let the evident color, play-of-color, and brilliance of this opal become a cherished part of your gemstone collection.