35% Silver War Nickels $50 Face Value Bag

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Each Silver War Nickel $50 Face Value Bag contains coins with a composition of 35% Silver, 56% copper and 9% manganese.
Product Highlights:
  • This $50.00 face value bag contains 1,000 War Nickels.
  • Each $1.00 face value worth of War Nickels (20 coins) contains approximately 1.125 oz of Silver for a total weight of roughly 56.25 oz of Silver.
  • Coins will be delivered in a canvas bag.
  • These 35% Silver composition nickels were made from 1942 through 1945 as an emergency measure to alleviate the wartime shortage of nickel.
  • The mint mark “P” for the Philadelphia mint was used for the first time in American coinage history.